The Tripolar Moment Chapter Image

The Tripolar Moment

Chapter 3


Today’s world is becoming tripolar. It is NYT vs CCP vs BTC. That’s the American Establishment vs the Communist Party of China vs the Global Internet.

Each of these three poles has a source of truth online: paper (NYT), party (CCP112), or protocol (BTC). Each has a digital economy that surrounds that source of truth: the dollar economy, the digital yuan113, or the web3 cryptoeconomy. Each pole is a network in its own right, which stands outside the state; the NYT network gives direction to the American state, the CCP network leads the Chinese state, and the BTC network stands outside all states. And each has a governing ideology.

While superficial aspects of these ideologies may shift with circumstance, we claim these are the only coalitions with the billion-person scale and technological talent to survive as independent power centers in the all-out digital struggle that has already commenced. They do have internal divisions, as we’ll get to, but for the time being every group from companies to states to dissident factions within states will have to navigate between these poles, the tripolar triangle of the digital world.